18 Best Things to Do in Jaffa, Israel (A Local’s Guide!)

Welcome to Jaffa, the town of history, charm, and beautiful people! I have lived in this ancient port city for 2 years now, and I can’t wait to share with you everything it has to offer!

As a modern-day neighborhood of Tel Aviv, Jaffa is easily accessible and awaits with its historic architecture, delicious food, and fabulous viewpoints of the Mediterranean.

So today, I’ve got you covered with 18 things to do, but I also reveal the best hotels, public transportation tips, and much more so you can plan your trip like a pro! Whether you’re in for nightlife, unique shops, historical sites, or just want to take cool photos, I’ve prepared something for every taste!

If you are in a hurry

Here are the main things to book in advance:

And here are the best hotels: The Jaffa (luxury), Numa Hotel (mid-range), Jungle Jaffa Hostel (budget)

1. Wander the Old City’s streets and squares

An evening view of Jaffa Square, with bright streetlights illuminating the historic architecture and a tranquil pool in the foreground

The city of Jaffa, located South of Tel Aviv, has more than 4,000 years of history, and it’s one of the longest-continuously inhabited places in the world! Today, Jaffa is an eclectic part of Tel Aviv, with Jews, Muslims, and Christians each making a 3rd of the population!

Until 1950, Jaffa used to be a town of its own. In April 1950, Israeli authorities unified it with Tel Aviv, thus, the whole city started carrying the name Tel Aviv-Yafo.

There are so many attractions in its Old City (map), but some of the most important ones include St. Peter’s Church (map) and the House of Simon the Tanner (map).

St. Peter’s Catholic Church is built on a spot believed to be the place where St. Peter resurrected Tabitha (one of Jesus’s disciples), while the House of Simon the Tanner is from where Christianity started to spread as a religion!

On Louis Pasteur Street, you’ll see a Whale Fountain (map) commemorating the Biblical moment when a whale swallowed Jonah the prophet. Every corner of the Old City has a Biblical or historical story, so you’re in for a treat!

Even Napoleon visited Jaffa in 1799 (not for good reasons, though), so you’ll see monuments dedicated to him around Kikar Kdumim (Kdumim Square), a popular spot for casual dining and dancing during the summer nights! By the way, we love the Kalamata restaurant here; they have the best moussaka (Greek eggplant lasagna) and red wine to pair it with!

The Kdumim Square (the view towards Jaffa Port) is also a great place to observe Andromeda Rocks. This group of rocks is connected with the Ancient Greek myth of Andromeda, the beautiful daughter of the King of Jaffa, who was chained to these rocks as her father’s sacrifice to save the city from punishment.

NOTE: You can access the Old City of Jaffa from the Jaffa Port, the seaside promenade, or Yefet Street if you’re coming on a bus from Tel Aviv (lines 10, 14, 18, 44).

2. Learn more about Old Jaffa on a tour

The post's author studies an illuminated map of Jaffa (Yafo), showcasing various points of interest and historical sites, with content in multiple languages for accessibility.

You’ll see Jaffa, Yafa, and Yafo denominations that refer to this city! Jaffa is the English name, Yafa is Arabic, while Yafo is the Hebrew one! All 3 are correct!

As you could grasp from the previous part, Old Jaffa hides stories that go back thousands of years. While you can explore every part of Jaffa by yourself, I’d suggest booking a tour for a structured and more educational experience!

I highly recommend this 1-hour mixed heritage and culture tour from US$21 where you can visit the home of a local Jaffa resident and listen to stories about the mixed society of Jaffa; how cool is that?

I have found this cool free walking tour that will take you across all the landmarks and introduce you to the famous rulers who tried to conquer Jaffa!

And if you’re after a more intimate experience, this private tour awaits, starting from $104!

Finally, this group guided tour starting at US$55 is the middle ground for those looking for the best value for money!

PRICE: from US$0 – US$150

3. Eat the best hummus and shakshuka

A table full of Middle Eastern dishes, showcasing hummus topped with olive oil and spices, a plate of golden falafel, fluffy pita bread, and small bowls of olive oil for dipping

Jaffa is a great place to explore local Israeli cuisine!

Shakshuka is a Middle Eastern dish with eggs, tomato sauce, and local spices, often served for breakfast. Dr. Shakshuka (map) is a legendary laid-back eatery with a very scenic location, and they serve shakshuka and lemonade all day long.

As for hummus, Abu Hassan (map) is the best spot for it! Tourists come here from all over Tel Aviv, and you’ll find 2 restaurants, one closer to the port and another near Jerusalem Boulevard.

My favorite street food is sabich, which consists of grilled eggplants with veggies and tahini (sesame paste) inside soft pita bread. The best one in Jaffa is at Frishman Sabich (map) at the Flea Market! Their bread is SO fluffy, and the ingredients are super fresh – it all melts in your mouth!

I highly recommend this food-tasting tour for a very special experience! It costs around US$80 per person, but it’s well worth the price as you also get a tour of Jaffa!

4. Explore the vibrant Jaffa Port

The author of the post taking in the serene view of the ancient Jaffa skyline against the backdrop of modern Tel Aviv at sunset

Jaffa Port (map) is the heart and soul of the neighborhood, where most of the action takes place. During the day, crowds mingle in all directions, tourists and residents eat at local restaurants, and fishermen sell the daily catch.

Jaffa Port is one of the world’s oldest sea ports! It has been in use since at least the bronze age!

Jaffa Port turns into a bustling spot for dining and seaside chilling at night. The highlight here is the small marina from which you can watch the sunset and small yachts and boats take off or jump in for a ride on a tourist boat cruise!

I highly recommend a boat ride for scenic views of the sea and city! Head to the Port (Pier 7, across Old Man and the Sea) to buy your ticket; you can do so up to a few minutes before departure. They have multiple daily departures, and the price is around 40 NIS (US$10) for a 30-minute ride!

If you’re up for a long walk, head North from the Port towards Charles Clore Park, which links Jaffa to the rest of Tel Aviv, and you’ll enter the Tel Aviv promenade. You can walk uninterruptedly on the promenade for 4 km until you reach Gordon Beach in TLV!

5. Buy unique souvenirs at the Jaffa Flea Market

Vibrant and colorful clothing hanging in Jaffa's bustling flea market, with shoppers browsing the eclectic merchandise

Jaffa Flea Market (map) is a top attraction, and it’s where you’ll find everything from old teapots, Ottoman calligraphy pictures, belly dancing equipment, ceramic plates, Judaica, designer clothing shops, the best bars, and anything in between.

Visit the market around 11 AM, especially on Friday (but avoid on Saturday as it’s closed for Shabbat) to experience the lively atmosphere! But if you want to avoid the crowds and be able to explore in peace, rather visit on any other day.

As a local, I mostly come to the market for food. There are tons of good restaurants here, including the Italian Italkiya (map).

6. Indulge in the hot nightlife

Night view of a lively street in Jaffa, with restaurants and shops illuminating the bustling thoroughfare

Most of the action at night takes place around the Jaffa Flea Market! Bars and restaurants await in a charming atmosphere with live music and drinks. Chilling here is one of the best things to do in Jaffa at night!

We love chilling in Akbar (LGBTQ+-friendly) in the evening, and I think this is the ideal place to grasp how modern-day Israeli youth are! This place will get loud at night, so you better choose another hangout for a more casual experience where you can talk without yelling! Quieter alternatives include Shaffa Bar (map) and Main Bazaar (map).

Old Jaffa is a hotspot for live concerts in the summer, too!

7. Eat out in the best restaurants in Jaffa

The author of the post with her husband enjoying a variety of Middle Eastern dishes at an outdoor table in Jaffa with a view of the marina

Jaffa is a top culinary destination, with some of the best restaurants in Tel Aviv being located here!

As a foodie myself, I’ve come to know the cuisine of Jaffa far too well, and will share my favorite restaurants along with the foods they serve:

  • Old Man and the Sea (map) – A fabulous place on the Port serving free salads (served in 20+ small mezze plates) and generous portions of fresh seafood, kebabs, and other local dishes. I especially loved their crabs and seafood pasta!
  • JASIA (map) – One of the best sushi places in town, in my opinion! We love their sashimi salad and most rolls – they are always super fresh!
  • Gemma (map) – We tried almost everything from their menu, and I seriously can’t name my favorite dish. They all rock, from salads to pasta to pizza to desserts—a really authentic Italian place!
  • Tony’s (map) – The best pizza we had in Tel Aviv! Try their pepperoni (1 medium-sized pizza is enough even if you’re super hungry) and pair it with Taybeh, a local Palestinian beer you can find here; you won’t regret it!

NOTE: The portions in Israel are quite generous. We usually order one main dish and one side (for example, one pasta and one salad, or one pizza and one salad) for sharing. Apart from making the dining experience more intimate, it’s also cheaper because I guarantee you won’t be able to finish your plate in most restaurants!

8. Take Insta-perfect pictures at the Clock Tower

The iconic clock tower of Jaffa standing tall amidst palm trees with the blue sky above and Israeli flags fluttering in the wind

The Clock Tower (map) is the symbol of Jaffa and is located on the Yossi Carmel Square that connects Jaffa to Tel Aviv. The tower was built in 1905 in honor of the 25th anniversary of the reign of the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid II.

Today, the area around Clock Tower is the focal meeting point for tourist groups, a place for protests, and an always lively shopping and dining destination.

Take pictures in front of the tower, then grab a dessert and coffee at Hasan Basha (map) or Jaffa Knafeh (map) and continue exploring. We tried the desserts in both places, and they are all delicious, especially if you pair them with Turkish coffee!

If you’re visiting Jaffa from Tel Aviv, the bus station at the Clock Tower is the perfect place to descend and start your visit!

9. Admire the old Ottoman architecture

A man on a motorcycle passing by the Mahmoudiya Mosque with its prominent minaret and ornate entrance in the historic heart of Jaffa, Israel

Just by the Clock Tower, you’ll see the Mahmoudiya Mosque (map), the central place of worship for the local Muslim population and one of the most beautiful mosques in Jaffa. This mosque is one of the few remaining Ottoman architectural examples, as most landmarks were destroyed in the mid-1950s.

Al-Bahr Mosque (map) and Al-Nuzha Mosque (map) are also very beautiful!

Everyone is allowed to enter the mosques in Jaffa; just make sure you’re dressed modestly, and if you’re a woman, make sure your arms and legs are covered.

You can find other examples of Ottoman and Islamic architecture across the area, mostly recognizable by their arched doorways, roofs, windows, and ceilings. Yefet Street is where you can see beautiful Islamic homes. And stop by Aboulafia Bakery while you’re here and try Za’atar Bread or a pastry of your choice!

10. Meet the Suspended Orange Tree

The author of the post engaging with a suspended rock art installation in the stone-paved alleyways of Jaffa's historical quarter.

The Suspended Orange Tree (map) is another must-see in the Old City of Jaffa, but it’s so popular that I decided to put it as a separate thing to do! Jaffa was world-known for its orange production, and this was the main industry for its residents up to the 20th century.

Jaffa oranges are called shamouti; they have a thick peel, so there was no need to refrigerate them. That’s why their distribution to the world from the Jaffa Port was easy!

The Suspended Orange Tree is a commemoration to this delicious fruit native to the area. The tree is quite unique as it actually floats in the air (it’s connected to the surrounding walls with steel wire)!

I pass by this tree a few times every week on my way to the market, and there are always curious tourist groups or individuals admiring the tree and taking pictures! So make sure you add it to your itinerary!

11. Make a wish at the Wishing Bridge

The author of the post smiling as she touches an ancient cannon overlooking the serene Mediterranean Sea from a vantage point in Jaffa

Wishing Bridge (map) is a famous wooden bridge connecting Kdumim Square and Peak Park (Abrasha Park) in the Old Jaffa. It’s characterized by its 12 bronze statues that represent astrological signs.

According to an ancient legend, if you stand on the bridge, grasp your astrological sign while looking at the sea, and make a wish – it will certainly come true!

After you’re done making your wish, head across the bridge to Abrasha Park. You’ll see the Gate of Faith, a 4-meter statue with 2 pillars and a stone that symbolizes the entry to the Land of Israel. According to sacred texts, this promise of the land was given by God to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the 3 Patriarchs whose faces are carved on the pillars of the gate.

I love the view from the Gate of Faith toward Tel Aviv, especially at night! So, if you’re around after sunset, it’s a great place to relax over a cold lemonade or beer and admire the big city lights!

12. Smoke shisha in the cozy Fairouz Café

A lively evening scene at a Jaffa café, with guests enjoying beverages amidst a rustic and decorative setting

Fairouz Café is my favorite place in town!

Ever since me and my husband moved to Jaffa, the staff here has been nothing but lovely and generous to us. Yes, we live just next door, and I may be biased, but the atmosphere here is so special!

The service can get hectic, especially if there’s a big crowd, but it’s still a nice place to smoke shisha, eat knafeh (a savory Middle Eastern dessert with cheese), and drink Turkish coffee after a long day of sightseeing!

13. Visit the Ilana Goor Museum

The iconic Ilana Goor Museum in Jaffa, framed by lush palm trees and overlooking a busy street

The Ilana Goor Museum is one of the most popular attractions in the Old City. It’s a museum consisting of the art collection of a prominent Israeli artist, Ilana Goor, consisting of sculptures, Ethnic African and Latin American art, video art, drawings, and antiques.

The premises here served as an inn for Jewish pilgrims, an olive oil soap factory, and a synagogue before Ilana Goor purchased the property in 1995 and turned it into a museum!

NOTE: They are actually open on Saturdays (during Sabbath most things are closed)

PRICE: 45 NIS (US$12)

14. Bike through Jaffa & Tel Aviv

Bicycles parked on a sandy beach with a clear view of the ocean and a historic tower in the distance

I highly recommend using bikes to explore Jaffa and the rest of Tel Aviv! You can rent a bike on your own or go on a tour; either way, all parts of Jaffa except inside the Old City (cobblestone and too-narrow streets) are bikeable!

I have found this guided tour of Jaffa starting from US$62! The tour lasts 3 hours, and I guarantee you’ll have a super educational and fun time! They provide you with bicycles, so all you have to do is show up and start the adventure.

Bike rental stations are also available throughout town, and you can also do daily or weekly rentals with companies such as Yalla Bikes. The daily rentals start from 100 NIS (US$26), including a helmet and a lock.

PRICE: From US$62

15. Stroll in Jaffa’s lush parks and enjoy panoramic views

The author of the post sitting relaxed on grass with tall palm trees and modern city skyline in the background at dusk

Jaffa’s ample parks and outdoor places are perfect for romantic strolls, picnics, sunset watching, grilling, and working out.

My favorite park for watching the sunset is Midron Yafo Park (map), while Abrasha Park is a top spot for panoramic views of Tel Aviv and the sea.

Descend from the Abrasha Park towards the sea (see exact location), and you’ll find a picture frame where you can pose for a photo with the whole of Tel Aviv behind you!

A bit further from the central Jaffa is the Saint Peter and Saint Tabitha Russian Orthodox Church (map), with a marvelous compound featuring a giant botanical garden with parrots, peacocks, and rabbits. It’s the perfect place to bring the kids or enjoy a peaceful walk in nature!

On your way to the church, you’ll see a beautiful Ottoman public fountain, Sabil Abu Nabut (map). The fountain was built in the early 19th century as the last station in Jaffa for travelers where they could get fresh water on the way to Jerusalem!

16. Be inspired by the local art galleries

A colorful collage of mixed-media art pieces displayed on an ancient stone wall

In the past, the Old City of Jaffa used to be filled with monasteries where pilgrims would sleep on their way to the Holy Land. Today, the historic dorms have become homes to prominent Israeli artists and their shops.

After the war in 1948, much of the Old Jaffa was destroyed. The Israeli authorities invited local Israeli artists to open their studios in the Old City and make it a sort of an artist colony.

You’ll find art galleries throughout the Old City and beyond. Some interesting places to visit include the Irish Eshet Cohen Gallery (my favorite – check it out), the Frank Meisler Gallery (map) with fun sculptures, and the Ilan Adar Art Studio (map) in a beautiful setting. 

17. Spend a day at the beach

Crowded sandy beach with people swimming and relaxing by the sea, with an old town and lighthouse in the background

There are 2 beaches in Jaffa: Jaffa Beach (map) and Givat Aliya Beach (map).

Givat Aliya (map) is the southernmost beach that borders the city of Bat Yam. There are volleyball courts, an outdoor gym, spots for grilling, and even cafés and restaurants you can enjoy!

Just take a free seat in one of the lounges or chairs, and a local beach worker will come to you to sort out the payment. You can also bring your own beach equipment, making a visit to the beach one of the best things to do in Jaffa for free!

The beach is swimmable and very safe – although, much like in any other place, be mindful of your belongings and don’t leave them unattended. There are guards on the beach to ensure safety in and outside of the water. If the waves/currents become too strong, they will prohibit swimming in specific areas.

A lot of people chill at Jaffa Beach (map) as well, but this one is less swimmable, and it’s mostly just for walking or sunbathing, given that there are cooler swimmable beaches nearby in Tel Aviv.

18. Have dinner in complete dark at the Nalaga’at Center

A stone building with "NALAGA'AT" signage, a palm tree, and two individuals at the entrance.

Nalaga’at Center is a hidden gem in Jaffa Port, and honestly, I never thought of entering this place because it doesn’t look very welcoming from the outside. But don’t be like me!

The Nalaga’at Arts and Cultural Center connects the blind, deaf, and deaf-blind people to the general public. Inside, you’ll have the chance to have dinner completely in the dark! Talk about unique things to do in Jaffa!

The daily dinner starts at 18:30 and 21:00. They serve 2 menus (Classic and Premium, they have both vegetarian and regular options), and the price is from 140 NIS (US$38) to 195 NIS (US$53) per person.

There’s also a theater, a workshop center, and much more to explore here!

DINNER PRICE: From 140 NIS (US$38)

????️ Best museum: Ilana Goor Museum
???? Top paid attraction: Boat Cruise
????????‍♂️ Best free activity: Old City
???? Best attraction for kids: Abrasha Park
???? Nightlife: Jaffa Flea Market
???? Must try food: Shakshuka

BONUS: Unique shops in Jaffa

One of the things I love most about Jaffa is its authentic shops! From local handmade jewelry to designer clothing and ceramics, opportunities await all over the place for some unique souvenir shopping!

Assortment of handcrafted pottery displayed on a colorful stand with a handwritten sign

I’ll give you an overview of my favorite shop locations below:

  • Even Gallery: Ceramic tea/coffee cups, plates, and flower pots handmade by a local artist, available in multiple colors and finishes (glossy or matte). I have 3 pairs of cups from them and use them daily – I can vouch for their durability! Check out their newly opened store at Rabi Pinkhas Street 11 (not available on Gmaps at the time of writing).
  • Hilweh Market (map): Palestinian and Arab handmade products, from clothing, bags, jewelry, soap, candles (they smell DELICIOUS; I bought plenty already!), postcards, and so much more
  • Zielinski & Rozen (map): Locally-produced premium-quality soaps and perfumes, they offer great deals for bulk purchases (5+ items)
  • Abramson Gallery (map): The best place to buy handmade silk jewelry (yes, made from actual silk threads!)
  • Rabi Pinkhas Street (map): Designer clothing by local fashion designers, many stores available here up until Yefet Street

Where to stay in Jaffa

The author of the post exploring the arched walkways of Jaffa, showcasing the historic architecture and charming atmosphere of the old city

Staying in Jaffa when visiting Tel Aviv makes so much sense for everyone interested in history, beautiful views, and unique shopping and dining opportunities.

I chose the best hotels in Jaffa and sorted them by budget for your convenience:

Luxury (US$300 and up)

  • The Jaffa – I live just across the street from this hotel, and let me tell you right away: This is not only the best luxury hotel in Jaffa but possibly in all of Tel Aviv! Everything from the service, rooms, custom design furnishings, and luxury amenities is perfect!
  • Soho House – A great choice if you’re in for some party time! They have live DJs at night, and their parties are often attended by wealthy Tel Aviv residents. Of course, the hotel offers 5-star comfort with an outdoor pool, beautiful rooms, and a gym.

Mid Range (US$150 – US$300)

  • Numa Hotel – This hotel is close to both Jaffa and Tel Aviv attractions. It’s situated on a prominent boulevard, so there’s always something going on here. They offer private parking, which is a lifesaver if you’re driving.
  • Jaffo Tel-Aviv King Gallery Boutique Hotel – Just across the street from the sea, this hotel is conveniently situated near the beach, restaurants, shops, and bus stations. They have pretty spacious rooms compared to most other hotels, making this hotel a great option for families.

Budget (up to US150)

  • Jungle Jaffa Hostel – Here’s one of the most popular hostels for the young crowd! They have various room setups, from capsule to double rooms to dorms, and the prices here are the lowest you’ll find!
  • Ajami Guest House – A great option for travelers seeking comfort on a budget. They have small private rooms and shared bathrooms and are located in the heart of Ajami, a Muslim sub-area where you can truly feel the spirit of modern-day Jaffa.

If you’d rather stay in Tel Aviv but be close to Jaffa, check out my article on the 5 best areas to stay in Tel Aviv!

Practical Information

Old coastal town viewed from the sea with historic buildings and minaret at sunset

Now, let’s see how you can get around Jaffa and how to get a SIM card!

How to get around

Walking is the ultimate best way to get around Jaffa! Besides being the most convenient option, it also allows you to grasp the beauty of the place. Since Jaffa is relatively small and most attractions are between the Port and Old City, you won’t need public transportation.

If you want to go further South to the Ajami neighborhood or North to Tel Aviv, you can also walk or take buses 10, 14, 18, 44, or 46 on Yefet Street. They run in both directions. Just head to the nearest kiosk or shop to buy your Rav Kav public transportation card (a shoe store across from Aboulafia Bakery (map) and a grocery store next to Jaffa Books (map) sell them), top it with the desired amount (1 ride is 5.5 NIS or US$1.5), and get going!

In August 2023, Tel Aviv got its first light rail, which also passes through Jaffa. The only line so far passes through Jerusalem Boulevard in Jaffa and can take you either to the center of Tel Aviv or South toward Bat Yam, a popular beach district. You can pay for the ride with Rav Kav.

Jaffa is also packed with electric scooters and bike stations, so you can get those, too; you just need to install an app from the desired provider (they’re all pretty much the same, but Bird has most units, I’d say).

As for planning your journey, use the Moovit app. Enter your location and desired destination, and you’ll get suggested routes and the price it’ll cost to get there!

Finally, I normally only recommend taxis if you have to go to the airport or get somewhere quickly. We don’t have Uber in Israel, but you can use Gett to order a taxi ride. It costs around 140 NIS (US$38) from Jaffa to Ben Gurion Airport.

All about SIM cards

Smartphone displaying eSIM service ads with the app "Airalo: eSIM Pocket Internet" highlighted and text "Discover eSIM App. Be in Touch When You Travel. Global Internet in Your Pocket." on screen.

And when it comes to staying connected, I highly recommend you visit a local phone store (just not the ones at the airport) and get a tourist deal.

For this, I recommend the stores around Carmel Market or in Dizengoff Center in Tel Aviv. The price can vary, but I remember paying around $30 for 10 days for data-only plans.

If you don’t want to wait to get to the city, you can get an Airalo eSIM right away and secure an internet connection from the moment you land! They have flexible plans, including mobile data, starting from $US5.5 for 7 days.

FAQs about things to do in Jaffa

Bustling street view of Jaffa with diners at outdoor cafes, vibrant storefronts, and string lights adding a cozy ambiance to the historic neighborhood

⛵ How do you spend a day in Jaffa?

Explore the attractions and walk the streets of the Old City, then descend towards the Port, have lunch in one of the seaside restaurants, and hit the Promenade towards Tel Aviv to continue exploration!

???? What is Jaffa famous for?

Jaffa is a famous ancient port city continuously inhabited for over 4,000 years! In the 19th century, it was also popular for its orange production and distribution across Europe.

✅ Can you walk from Jaffa to Tel Aviv?

Yes, the Jaffa Port and Tel Aviv Promenade are all part of one large seaside pathway, so you can walk from Jaffa to Tel Aviv in less than 20 minutes.

???? Is Jaffa worth a visit?

Jaffa is worth a visit! This ancient seaside gem is filled with history, charm, quirky shops, delicious eateries, and stunning views on every corner! It is an absolute must-visit for travelers coming to Tel Aviv or Israel!

???? What are the best things to do in Jaffa at night?

Hit the bars and restaurants at the Jaffa Flea Market! Akbar (map) is my top recommendation, as they have DJs, tasty food, and plenty of drinks (you can even get a free shot). I also like to chill in Abrasha Park (map) and enjoy the panoramic city views at night.

????‍♀️ What to do in Jaffa on Shabbat?

The restaurants at the Port are open on Shabbat, and so is the entrance to the Old City and most museums and galleries. The shops and the beach are all open, too!

???????? What are some free things to do in Jaffa?

Exploring the Old City and the Ajami neighborhood, going to churches, and taking Insta-perfect pictures in Abrasha Park or at the Port – these are all free of charge! The Givat Aliya public beach is also free!


The author of the post sitting on a rocky shore enjoying a stunning sunset over the Mediterranean Sea in Jaffa, Tel Aviv, with the horizon glowing in warm hues

That was quick! You’ve already reached the end of my article on things to do in Jaffa! Hopefully, you can already picture yourself there doing all the fun things on the list!

Jaffa is a touristy place, so hotels or tours here must be booked in advance. Make sure you secure yours soon to get the best deals!

And if you have any questions about your upcoming trip to Jaffa, let me know in the comments below! This Jaffa local is always happy to help!

Enjoy your stay,


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