Where to Stay in Monaco → 6 Stunning Areas & Top Hotels

An iconic country with a rich history that you can uncover during your holiday! If you’re looking for where to stay in Monaco, then you’re in the right place!

I’ve recently visited Monaco and some other towns on the French Riviera and I’m ready to give you my honest thoughts on which are the best areas here and offer you a short list of the top hotels for all budgets!

In short, Monte Carlo is definitely the best area in Monaco, as it has many important attractions and fabulous hotels! I have included 6 best tourist friendly areas (including a couple that are technically outside but they are so close and so much more affordable, I decided I’d give you that option too!).

Make sure you read the post until the end as you’re going to find my hand-picked hotel recommendations for each area (from luxury to budget) that I carefully short-listed from hundreds of options to make sure you only get the top-rated ones!

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to book your hotel rooms in advance! Monaco gets so many tourists all year round, but especially in the summertime (the high season). So secure your room early and you could score a more reasonable price.

If you’re in a hurry…

Ready to book your hotel in Monaco? Then check out this short list with the best hotels in the country:

Check out this map that will help you visualize all the areas where to stay in Monaco, that I’ll talk about in this post:

A colorful map highlighting the best areas to stay in Monaco, with numbered locations and labels for easy navigation

Below you’ll find the top 6 areas in and around the country and my personalized recommendations for different types of travelers:

1. Monte Carlo – where to stay in Monaco for first-timers

Twilight view of the opulent Monte Carlo Casino, illuminated against the night sky, with a vibrant fountain in the foreground

Walking on the streets of Monte Carlo made me feel like I was in a James Bond movie and I bet you’ll feel the same!

This is the heart of the city! It’s definitely the top place to stay in Monaco for first-time visitors and as you can imagine, it’s also the most expensive area! But it’s surely worth the money.

I’m definitely not surprised that 1 in 3 people who live in Monaco are millionaires after exploring this area!

Just picture its grand streets with high-end store brands lined up one after the other, expensive cars parked around everywhere and lots of people roaming around looking as if they’ve just stepped out of a magazine cover.

There are numerous attractions in this area but probably one of the most important ones is the Monte Carlo Casino, one of the most popular gambling sites in the world, which is also home to some restaurants and shops!

The iconic Monte Carlo Casino has been a source of inspiration for books and movies including Casino Royale, the first Bond book! It has also appeared in some of the first Bond movies from the 80s and 90’s like Never Say Never Again and GoldenEye.

You’ll find it in Place du Casino, where there are also lots of luxury hotels, the Casino Café de Paris, some really fancy watch stores and also many bars where you can enjoy the nightlife in Monaco!

Definitely explore this square as it looks so glamorous and also venture outside of it and discover other cool places like the Jardins de la Petite Afrique, the Metropole Shopping Mall which is packed with high-end stores and the Casino Garden.

Now let’s check out the best hotels in Monte Carlo, Monaco:

A collage of three hotel photos to stay in Monaco: The elegant exterior of a multi-story beachfront hotel with palm trees, a contemporary room with a bold tropical wall print, and an indoor pool with a sleek, curved ceiling.

Luxury (€500 and up)

  • Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo – housed in a gorgeous building from the 1800s, Hotel de Paris overlooks the famous Place du Casino and it’s the home of Le Louis XV-Alain Ducasse restaurant which has 3 Michelin stars and also to a glamorous spa center.
  • Hôtel Métropole Monte-Carlo – set only a short walk away from the Casino Royale this five star hotel in Monaco boasts an elegant decor, an indoor swimming pool and 4 restaurants, including the Yoshi, the only Japanese restaurant on the Côte d’Azur that has 1 Michelin star.

Mid-range (from €200 to €500)

  • Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo – built in the 1900, this hotel has a beautiful Belle Epoque architecture, hotel rooms that will make you want to move there and a fab restaurant that has Michelin stars. After a day of shopping you can relax in the fancy spa with a very long massage!
  • Fairmont Monte Carlo – this 4 star hotel boasts some incredible views of the sea from its rooftop terrace! Perfect for all types of tourists, the hotel has an outdoor swimming pool, a spa center and 4 restaurants.

Budget (up to €200)

  • Carré D’Or Apartment – a nice and pretty affordable apartment just a short walk away from all the attractions that has a small kitchen, a Tv and it also boasts a garden view.
  • Novotel Monte-Carlo – this affordable hotel in Monte Carlo, Monaco has modern rooms (some with a balcony)

2. Monaco-Ville – best for a well-rounded experience

Charming pastel-colored buildings line a curved street in Monaco-Ville, flanked by green trees and ornate street lamps

If you want to learn all about Monaco, its royal family and visit countless attractions, then Monaco-Ville is definitely for you!

Monaco-Ville (translating to Monaco-City) is honestly my favorite part of this country (yep, you heard that right, Monaco is the second smallest country after the Vatican)! Located just a 30 min walk away from Monte Carlo, this area is packed with incredible attractions and it has that “Old Town vibe” that I personally love!

I’m sure you’ll enjoy as much as I did walking on the narrow streets of Monaco-Ville, snapping pics of the super colorful houses and stopping to visit some places!

You can start with Le Palais Princier de Monaco (also known as the Princely Palace or Royal Palace), the residence of Monaco’s royal family, which is set in a pretty big square where you can stop to admire the stunning views! /pic

Author of the post in a casual outfit and hat walking across the Palace Square in Monaco, with the Prince's Palace in the background on a sunny day

Then you should definitely see the Musée Océanographique de Monaco (Oceanographic Museum) that has a huge aquarium (definitely a great place for families) and the Jardins Saint-Martin where you can hide from the burning sun on those hot summer days!

Not too far from the Saint-Martin Gardens there’s a statue of Princess Grace of Monaco (in case you want to snap a pic). You’ve probably heard of the famous American actress who married Prince Rainier III of Monaco and who was such a style icon,

If you haven’t, you should absolutely watch Grace of Monaco with Nicole Kidman! It gives such an interesting peek into her life, and that of the royal family of Monaco.

There are also some cute churches that I really like exploring and they have such fine architecture, especially the Saint Nicholas Cathedral!

A collage of three hotel photos to stay in Monaco-Ville: A charming, traditional facade with wrought-iron balconies, a cozy bedroom featuring vibrant yellow walls, and a minimalist dining area with a circular white table and modern furniture.

Luxury (€350 and up)

  • Monaco City – here’s a fabulous townhouse that has a balcony from where you can admire the gorgeous port area! The accommodation has a lot of space, a lounge area and a bath.

Mid-range (from €200 to €350)

  • Cool Sailboat – if you ever wanted to sleep in a sailboat then this is your chance! This is a really cool boat that comes with a kitchen and a bathroom.
  • Cozy Apartment – a nice and modern apartment just a short walk from the attractions that has a dining room and a small kitchen.

Budget (up to €200)

  • Modern Apartment – this place is perfect for budget travelers and it has room for 2 people, a kitchen and free Wi-Fi.

3. Larvotto – where to stay in Monaco for beach lovers

Aerial view of Larvotto Beach with its clear turquoise waters, white sandy shore, and a backdrop of Monaco's urban landscape

The French Riviera is famous for its amazing beaches and although you’d expect Monaco to have many, there’s mainly 1 where you can enjoy the sandy shores and that’s Larvotto Beach.

Larvotto is an area located right near Monte Carlo (downhill!) and it’s perfect for those who want to escape the city streets on those hot summer days and cool off in the Mediterranean Sea.

There are some cafes and restaurants right on Larvotto Beach, but most of it it’s empty and people usually bring their own towels and umbrellas and relax on the beach.

If you do want to grab a bite and maybe enjoy a refreshing drink after all the sunbathing, head over to La Note Bleue restaurant which serves super yummy dishes.

Although Larvotto Beach takes center stage, I also want to tell you about the attractions here! First, there’s the New National Museum of Monaco that is housed in a gorgeous Belle Epoque building, the Grimaldi Forum and the Princess Grace Japanese Garden where you can enjoy a relaxing stroll and admire all the flowers.

By the way, you can explore Monaco’s streets at peace! Its security system is regarded as one of the most reliable in the world! Still, don’t go roaming the weird-looking streets at night, just be mindful of your belongings as in any other place that you’d visit.

A collage of three hotel photos to stay in Larvotto: A room with floor-to-ceiling windows offering stunning sea views, a balcony overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, and a lavish exterior view of a hotel with poolside amenities.

Luxury (€300 and up)

  • Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort – luxury at its finest! Set on a private peninsula, this resort is tucked away between lush gardens and it boasts 3 restaurants run by Chef Marcel Ravin, an indoor and outdoor heated pool and a luxurious spa center.

Mid-range (from €160 to €300)

  • Le Méridien Beach Plaza – wake-up to a stunning view of the sea while staying at one of the best luxury hotels in Monaco! The accommodation comes with a private beach area, 2 outdoor swimming pools and a bar.
  • Monte Carlo Magnifique – this great apartment has everything you need for your holiday! It offers 2 rooms, a small balcony with city views and a fully-equipped kitchen.

Budget (up to €160)

  • Cool Apartment – here’s something a bit more affordable that has a balcony overlooking the sea, where you can enjoy your coffee and a kitchen.

4. La Condamine & Moneghetti – best for the maritime culture and F1

Bustling La Condamine harbor filled with yachts, surrounded by Monaco's dense urban housing and the lush greenery of Moneghetti

Looking for a place to stay near Port Hercule and all the cool yachts? Then this section is for you!

La Condamine which is also known as Quartier Du Port is basically the area that surrounds Port Hercule and it’s perfect for those who want to stay in a central area, close to places like the Monte Carlo Casino, and also to admire all the luxurious and fabulous yachts!

A cool fact about Monaco is that it actually has the highest GDP per capita in the world!

I’ve put together La Condamine and Moneghetti as they’re set right next to each-other and both have the same vibe. They’re a bit more residential than all the other areas I mentioned in this post and definitely could be a nice place to stay with your family!

Everything changes though, during the famous Formula One Monaco Grand Prix (usually held for 3 days in the last week of May) right here on the streets of La Condamine and also Monte Carlo!

During the Monaco Grand Prix race, the country is absolutely filled with celebrities, socialites and lots of big names in the racing industry, all coming to see the race!

By the way, you don’t necessarily need to stay somewhere close to watch the race, but you can do it from a yacht in Port Hercule! There are many different packages that you can look up on this website.

When there’s no race, the atmosphere is much more tranquil and you can spend your days visiting attractions like the Private Cars Collection of HSH Prince of Monaco Museum and also the Jardin Animalier de Monaco, which I’m sure the kids will love!

Right near La Condamine, you’ll find the Fontvieille area, right at the French border. This neighborhood is home to the Exotic Garden of Monaco, the Louis II Stadium and to the Roseraie Princesse Grace, a beautiful rose garden, which you can visit for free! It’s a stunning place that I highly recommend exploring.

A collage of three hotel photos to stay in La Condamine & Moneghetti: A balcony with a street view and casual seating, a simple and comfortable bedroom with a wooden headboard, and a living space with a large screen TV and Netflix availability.

Luxury (€250 and up)

  • Monaco Penthouse – how amazing is this apartment which has a rooftop terrace where you can relax, drink a cup of coffee and admire the views! The accommodation offers family rooms and an airport shuttle.
  • Port Palace – each morning you can enjoy your breakfast in your amazing room that overlooks Port Hercule! Port Palace is a 4-star hotel that offers private parking and a bar.

Mid-range (from €160 to €250)

  • Boutique Hotel Miramar – a super modern hotel that has rooms with large windows overlooking the Port Hercule area! Start your morning with a yummy breakfast and then head out to explore the area.
  • Monaco Grand Prix Nouveau – enjoy your stay in Monaco, at this hotel which offers apartments with a kitchen, free Wi-Fi and a balcony.

Budget (up to €160)

  • Hôtel de France – one of the best cheap hotels in Monaco that has a great location, rooms with a Tv and a private bathroom!

5. Menton – where to stay near Monaco on the budget

The writer of the post walks across the bridge in the seaside town of Menton, France, with a backdrop of colorful buildings and the Mediterranean coastline

Get ready to fall in love with one of the beautiful cities on the French Riviera!

Although technically not in Monaco, Menton is only a 10 min train ride away (or 30 min by car) from the city, which to be honest doesn’t seem like too much!

In fact many people stay in France or even Italy and they visit Monaco on day trips since it’s super close! That’s what I did (I stayed in France) and I went to Monaco by bus.

I actually visited Menton, while exploring the French Riviera (here’s a post with a great itinerary for the South of France that I did from my experience) and fell in love with its mixed culture!

Menton is set right near the Italian border and honestly it’s so amazing to see how the French and Italian cultures blended here! And you’ll especially see that in the food, there are lots of restaurants that serve Italian cuisine, but don’t worry, you’ll still find plenty of French wine and pastries!

I think Menton is great for those of you who want to visit Monaco but are on a budget. Here you’ll find many more affordable hotels and some with an amazing location right by the beach. Yep, Menton has some fabulous beaches like Plaje du Casino and Plage du Marché.

There are lots of amazing things to do here as well! I just loved exploring the Val Rahmeh-Menton Botanical Garden and admiring its colorful and exotic plants! And you should definitely stop by the Jean Cocteau Museum to see all the gorgeous art.

A collage of three hotel photos to stay in Menton: A hotel room with a picture of palm leaves above the bed and balcony views of the city, a bright kitchen area with vibrant green pendant lights, and a picturesque street view of a classic hotel facade.

Luxury (€200 and up)

  • Hôtel De Londres – such a stylish hotel! All the rooms are super modern and some even have views of the sea. You’ll also find a terrace and a bar on-site.
  • Hôtel Riva Art & Spa – enjoy your coffee and a croissant on the balcony of your room while admiring the stunning sea views! This hotel buffet breakfast and a spa center.

Mid-range (from €120 to €200)

  • Hotel Palm Garavan – here’s a more affordable hotel that has rooms with balconies that overlook the sea and also an on-site bar.
  • Hotel Chambord – you’ll love the elegant design of this hotel that has spacious rooms with free Wi-Fi and a sun terrace.

Budget (up to €120)

  • Ibis Styles Menton Centre – set a 15 minute drive away from Monaco, this hotel offers rooms with a flat-screen Tv and a balcony.
  • Best Western – offering a great location just a 3 min walk from the beach, the accommodation comes a restaurant that serves Mediterranean and Provencal cuisine and family rooms.

6. Beausoleil – another place to stay near Monaco for budget

Person with a wide-brimmed hat overlooking a dense residential area of Beausoleil, with a panoramic view of Monaco's buildings in the background

Set just outside of the Monaco border, Beausoleil is a commune in France that would be perfect for anyone traveling on budget, for many reasons!

Firstly you’ll be super close to places like Monte Carlo, which is only a 10 min walk away, and secondly, you’ll find that the hotel prices are a bit lower here than the ones in Monaco (even though they’re literally set right next to each other.

Here you’ll also find the train station, which is set right on the border between France and Monaco! If you want to take day trips around the French Riviera, then staying near the train station could be super convenient as you can save some time!

Beausoleil is known for its Belle Epoque architecture and it’s not as touristy as Monaco but you’ll still find some fun things to do! Plus if you’d prefer a more peaceful atmosphere and want to avoid crowds then you’ll definitely love it here!

Some really iconic sites that you should see while you’re here are the Riviera Palace, which has different apartments that you can book and stay in and also you can just visit the building for free on Saturdays and Sundays (from 2PM and 5PM).

Definitely explore the streets of Beausoleil on your way to Monaco as you can find some hidden architectural gems!

A collage of three hotel photos to stay in Beausoleil: A bright yellow hotel building under a clear blue sky with birds in flight, a bedroom with a large window and modern decor, and a chic living area with a grey sofa and abstract wall art

Luxury (€190 and up)

  • Spacieux Studio – feel right at home in this apartment that has everything you need for your holiday including a dining area, a small kitchen and a smart Tv for those nights when you feel like staying cozy indoors.

Mid-range (from €120 to €190)

  • Ravissant Studio – a great place that was recently renovated and which offers family rooms and private parking.
  • Cool Apartment – if you need a place with a lot of space, then this apartment is for you! It has a spacious balcony where you can relax and a kitchen.

Budget (up to €120)

  • Modern Apartment – here’s a more affordable accommodation that has studios and apartments, all super well-equipped with facilities like a small kitchen and air-conditioning.
  • Odalys City Beausoleil – enjoy your coffee on the balcony of this great apartment that has a flat-screen Tv and a small kitchen.

FAQs about where to stay in Monaco

The writer of the post in a summer outfit strolls past the Monaco Beaux-Arts shop, with colorful buildings and balconies in the background

???????? What part of Monaco should I stay in?

It depends on your preferences and budget! But Monaco-Ville, Monte Carlo and Larvotto are some really amazing places that have incredible attractions and hotels, like Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo.

???? Is it better to stay in Nice or Monaco?

They’re very different cities so it depends on what you’re looking for. I would say Nice is much more affordable and offers a wider range of attractions while Monaco is pretty expensive but still so iconic and has so many iconic places to visit!

???? How many days in Monaco is enough?

I think 2 to 3 days in Monaco is enough! That will give you plenty of time to visit all the attractions and explore the country!

???? Where do celebrities stay in Monaco?

✅ Is Monaco safe for tourists?

Yes, Monaco’s security system is regarded as one of the most reliable in the world so you don’t have to worry about that, but be mindful of your belongings as in any other place you’d visit!


The writer of the post in a stylish outfit stands against a vibrant yellow building with green shutters in Menton, France,

What an iconic country! Its lavish hotels, luxury yachts and iconic attractions are things that you’ll never forget!

I hope that reading this post helped you decide where to stay in Monaco! I made sure to include the most amazing areas and the best hotels!

If you still need some help, deciding which hotels to book, check out my 2 favorite ones, right below:

  • Hôtel Métropole Monte-Carlo – enjoy your stay in Monte Carlo at the best hotel ever that has a Michelin-starred restaurant and a spa center
  • Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo – set only a short walk from the iconic Monte Carlo Casino, this hotel boasts a private beach area and a spa

Don’t forget that Monaco is one of the most popular countries in the world! I recommend booking your hotels here super in advance, especially if you want to score cheaper prices!

P.S. If you absolutely can’t find anything around in your budget, consider staying in near big towns like NIce – it is only 30 min by train away and you will have way more accommodation options there!

Enjoy your fabulous adventures and don’t forget that you can always leave me a comment below with your questions! Since I’ve already been to Monaco I could definitely help out!

Happy travels,


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